Abba Abba Abba Abba Abba
Year: 1980
Materials: Hahnemuhle baryta
Size: 20 x 20 print 6 x 6 slide
Edition: 1
Category: Slides
Frame: 30 x 40

€ 1500.00

Just 1 piece available

ABBA photographed on location at TV Studio in Stockholm for dutch magazine Muziek Expres

As you receive the original slide and the art print, framed together in a passe-partout,

this is a unique item: there is just one exactly like this.

However, it is a slide from a photo shoot where several photos were taken in the same setting.

This image is one of them, but more images from this shoot might follow.

Photo embossed with ©Govert de Roos

Passe Partout embossed with Govert de Roos Photography